Hypnosis Basics and Hypnotherapy are available in Naples, Florida
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Hypnosis in Naples, Florida


Hypnosis in Naples, Florida


My name is Lynn Thomas, RN, CHt. and I practice several alternative modalities to assist you in achieving a healthier, happier lifestyle. Why do we say alternative? Simply because our culture drives us to traditional medical remedies for our health needs.

Allow me to be your guide. Whether you want to lose weight; quit smoking; eliminate anger, stress, fear or bad habits; improve in sports; learn with ease; acquire skills for success; or just get more out of your life . . . Hypnosis and Energy Healing can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Hypnosis is not about deep sleep, witchcraft, or someone else controlling your mind. Hypnosis does allow access to the subconscious mind - a powerful place where undesirable habits can be readily eliminated and replaced with suggestions for producing wonderful changes that are desired by you. In a state of hypnosis with a responsible facilitator, you can change old and nonproductive patterns of thinking, eliminate behaviors that hold you back, rid yourself of bad habits - all of this without timely, costly, and often nonproductive analysis and rationalization.

Energy Healing is used to restore energy and balance to the body through focused hands-on channeling of universal energy from the highest energy source. This is an effective treatment for a variety of debilitating illnesses and stress related problems.

This is what one client had to say about her results with my help:

"Through hypnosis with Lynn Thomas, I was able to remove from my mind, a long-term emotional problem that had made me unhappy for over 30 years. Years of psychotherapy and a Twelve Step Program did not relieve the toxic emotions. After two sessions with Lynn, the ability to deal with these emotions was felt immediately. The emotional problem is gone and has never returned. I have also quit smoking with hypnosis."
Ms. RN - Naples, FL

If the time has come to live the life you truly want, the best time to call me for an appointment is today!

"What the mind expects, tends to be realized."

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