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Hypnosis in Naples, Florida

Hypnosis and Our Belief System

Hypnosis in Naples, Florida

You may not have thought about life this way but did you know that life really is lived from the inside out? This means that the beliefs about life your have in your subconscious mind determine what you experience in your daily life. Life always reflects your subconscious beliefs back to you.

It is important to know what our belief systems are, how they are formed, how they affect our life, how we can recognize them and most importantly, what we can do to change the beliefs that are not healthy for us.

What Is a Belief System?

A belief system is a strongly held opinion, which determines how we perceive each and every aspect of our life. Beliefs in the subconscious mind determine how we filter and perceive all that we hear, how we act, what we feel, how we judge and how we form opinions. How belief system directs every aspect of our lives. For instance, you may consciously believe that you deserve and are capable of being highly successful, but in spite of this conscious belief and your abilities, you do not succeed the way you believe you should and could. The reason you fall short of succeeding is not because of doing or not doing, but rather what is in your subconscious belief system that you cannot or should not succeed. What we have programmed in our subconscious mind, from early childhood experiences determines how we react today. So regardless of what you think and believe consciously, it's what you believe subconsciously that determines your life. Your belief system determines how and what comes through to your awareness. Thus, your belief system acts as a filter. While it seem transparent since you may not see them consciously, everything is filtered through it. So the question becomes how do we get to our belief system so that we can know what it is and change it if we want to to change our behavior patterns.

How To Get To Our Subconscious Beliefs

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool available for accessing the subconscious mind. Using hypnosis you can quickly and gently get the root cause of the problem, issue, life long behavior patterns, emotions and habits. The subconscious mind is lazy and a harmful belief stays there until it is updated by accepting another, more positive suggestion for a healthy updated belief and behavior pattern. When you feel stressed, notice how you feel like a young child, and may even behave immaturely. You are re-experiencing a belief created in childhood. Through hypnosis you can get back to this root cause of the belief and change it to a healthy updated belief.

Positive Intent

This may surprise you, but belief systems are always meant to help at the time they are formed. They may be creating disastrous results for you the adult, but they are always originally meant to help us to get love and attention, or keep us safe and protected. If the beliefs are creating problems for us as adults, it is because they are still in their childlike format and have not been updated. For example, out of love and concern for your safety, your mother may have told you to "be careful crossing the street." As an adult, you may continue to have trouble "crossing the street" in order to stay safe. So travel may cause tremendous stress and anxiety for you. Perhaps you don’t risk changing jobs, even if you dislike what you are doing. Any type of fear or discomfort "sends you back home where it is safe." The original positive intent was to stay safe, but the adult behavior is limiting and fear based.

Life Validates Our Beliefs

Our belief system appear real because we keep experiencing them in life. For example, "See, I always get abandoned by women/men." "What we think tends to be realized." And so the pattern continues. One way to determine whether it is just a belief system at work is to determine whether or not this experience is true for everybody, a universal truth like gravity and cause and effect. Otherwise, it is just your own personal belief system getting lived out day by day. Changing you belief system is the basis of thousands of self-help books. Some beliefs can change automatically, while others need some help.

Hypnosis helps you to change your outdated child belief system. Using hypnosis allows you to get to the root cause of your belief system, and work with the belief to understand it's positive intent. Then the transformation occurs. A qualified certified hypnotist can lead you through a simple, profound, life-changing process that takes just moments to change the belief. It's updated to a healthy adult belief - and you life now reflects back to you your new belief system.

By Lynn Thomas, RN, CHt
Lynn is a Registered Nurse and Nationally Certified Hypnotist with a practice in Naples, FL

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