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Hypnosis for Pain Control

Hypnosis for Pain Control

Hypnosis for Pain Control

Pain perception includes the sensation that something is uncomfortable and how the body and mind react to it.

There are two kinds of pain: acute and chronic. acute pain occurs with an accident or injury causes the body reacts in a normal neurological way. it warns you of the injury occurring.

Pain turns chronic when it is ongoing after the warning and medical treatment. examples of chronic pain are arthritis and back pain.

There is psychogenic pain, which is pain without pathology. however, if the pain is perceived as real, it is.

There is physiological pain which is a direct result of disease or an injury. pain is a signal which helps us identify injury or disease. it has a true purpose for qualified health care providers to know and treat the injury or disease.

Our body, mind and spirit are all intertwined. when something occurs on one level, it affects the others.

When pain becomes chronic we begin to react emotionally to it often leads to anxiety, stress, frustration, a sense of hopelessness, and fear that the pain will be continuous. this, in turn can lead to helplessness and even depression when we cannot function properly in day to day living. pain drains! it causes continued muscle and fascial, and nerve tension which drains our energy. then, the more tension that occurs, the more pain occurs, and it becomes a vicious cycle, often affecting sleep which additionally affects our energy level in a negative way. pain distracts us.

By relaxation and refocusing through clinical hypnosis, the experience of pain can be reduced or even eliminated for longer and longer periods of time.

More rapid healing after surgery has also been accomplished with hypnosis, as well as actually replacing anesthesia drugs during surgery or childbirth.

I under went foot surgery using self-hypnosis, eliminating the need for systemic drugs and was able to leave the recovery room almost immediately without an anesthesia side effects.

A friend of mine had facial plastic surgery. i hypnotized her preoperatively for pain control and rapid healing. i actually took her back to the surgeon for her post-operative visit. he was astounded at how good the incision areas looked and she had virtually no discomfort.

Any one can experience this as it only involves relaxation, concentration, which allows the conscious mind to rest as the subconscious mind becomes receptive to positive thoughts and suggestions that help you feel more comfortable. a willingness to be helped with this method and the positive mental expediency of the results is also necessary.

Qualified hypnotherapists will not use hypnosis to stop pain until a proper medical diagnosis has been made and treated. we never want to initially mask symptoms that cover up a medical problem.

There are occasions when a person will subconsciously hold on to the pain to take advantage of the situation as a secondary gain, ie, sympathy, assistance, loosing work compensation funds and having to go back to work.

Examples of clinical trials on hypnosis for pain control are: june, 2004 study in wales of eighty cancer patients demonstrated less distress and pain than the control group. in the Netherlands a study of 40 fibromyalgia patients using physical therapy and hypnosis with a control group of those just receiving physical therapy, showed that the first group fared better in controlling and eliminating the pain associated with fibromyalgia. in june, 2002 the european neurological society meeting in greece studied pain perception with mri tests on a group of 13 hypnotised patients with a control group not receiving hypnosis and found that’s those patients in hypnosis showed less pain response. both groups where also tested verbally with the 1-10 pain scale, the hypnotized group rating their discomfort as much lower levels. these studies and others like them help dispel prejudice or misconception about clinical hypnosis as a valuable technique to manage pain and discomfort.

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