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Hypnosis - Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Hypnosis - Stop Smoking

Hypnosis has been used successfully for many years to allow people to become smoke free. This is because our habits and emotions are in the subconscious mind. Therefore it behooves us to work within the subconscious mind directly to get the best results.

Most often, there is an emotional component involved. So, it is advisable to deal with the emotional issues first through regressive hypnosis. When asked by the hypnotherapist why they smoke, four out of five with say, “to relax and take away stress. This stress associated with security. Most people begin smoking as a teen, sometimes earlier. They are leaving the security of home, want to be part of their peer group and “be cool.” They don’t want to feel excluded. No one ever enjoyed that first cigarette but the insecurity of not being accepted, or being excluded, overcomes that. Later, as the habit is reinforced, it becomes cue oriented.

When I ask a person why they want to stop smoking and they give me reasons such as “my doctor says I should quit” or “my husband/wife wants me to stop”, I ask directly, “Why do you want to stop?” Even thou you SAY you want to quit, and know you need to quit, you may really like smoking. The hypnotherapist can give you the tools, but unless you use those tools, you are wasting your time and money and the hypnotherapist’s time. When you follow through, the success is almost 90%. If you enjoy the act of smoking, or if you see a cigarette as a “friend”, what you are really saying is that you enjoy a habit that is smelly, socially unacceptable, costly, health destroying, robs you of youth and vitality and is harmful to your loved ones!

If however, a client tells me, I want to quit for health reasons etc. I know they are motivated, and with the positive mental expectancy that it can and will work for them, hypnosis can and will allow them to become a non-smoker. Don’t go into a hypnosis smoking cessation program thinking all you have to do is sit down, “go to sleep” and the hypnotist does all the work. It is a 50/50 deal. The hypnotherapist is properly trained and experienced but you must allow yourself to follow his/her instructions and suggestions and be open to the process to achieve success.

Nicotine is a highly toxic nerve poison that constricts the arteries. The blood pressure increases to overcome the extra constriction in the arteries. This leads to heart disease, stroke, circulation problems, which can ultimately lead to limb amputation. It can cause mouth, esophageal, stomach lung cancer and emphysema. In some parts of the world nicotine is used by veterinarians to destroy sick animals. It takes less than 1/50th of a gram to do this.

“When you stop smoking, your body begins to lower your blood pressure within twenty-five minutes of the time you quit. Two weeks after quitting, the circulation improves and lung function increases up to 30%. One month after quitting coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath decreases dramatically.”*

*US Surgeon General Report

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