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Hypnosis in Naples, Florida


Hypnosis in Naples, Florida
What Do People Say About Lynn Thomas and Hypnosis?

"At last, a technique for an appetite suppressant that really works, without medication."

  AB - Naples, FL

"I am a futures market trader who took a huge financial hit a few years ago, which left me hesitant to take futures positions for fear of more financial loss. Despite 40 sessions over a three year period with a traditional psychologist, my problem persisted. After five hypnotherapy sessions with Lynn (during which several critical conflicts were resolved), I was again able to enter the markets at will, without hesitation, and trade profitably without fear of loss. I now can confidently pursue my financial dream."

  TJ - Naples, FL

"When people meet me, they perceive me to be a well-balanced focused individual. That is the image I used to portray outwardly and played the part well. Even those closest to me were unaware of the daily struggles I was experiencing with motivation, being depressed and general self-sabotaging behavior. I did not want to live like that and tried many things to get out of that mind-set. I read numerous self-help books and underwent psychoanalysis with only short-term effects in helping me regain my motivation, energy and focus. I heard of Lynn through a friend and within two hypnosis sessions I began to notice a tremendous positive effect in my attitude, mood, and confidence. I am now the same person on the inside that I used to only portray on the outside."

  NH - Naples, FL

"I didn't know what to expect after my first hypnotherapy session with Lynn, and I am very pleased. My feelings of peace about love from my parents continues to surround me in a way I never imagined or thought would happen. I look forward to our future work together.

  PC Naples, FL

"In just a couple of sessions with Lynn, I was amazed to be so healed. I forgave my father and my relationship with my brother was healed. I have been able to accept my husband's limitations in dealing with his cancer, which has helped me to be more compassionate and understanding with him."

  Mrs. MS, Stratham, NH

"It was wonderful to meet you. I can't thank you enough for being there for me. I am so fortunate to have found you! I can already feel the difference in my thinking process. This is great!"

  MM, Ft. Myers, FL

"Thank you for your help in guiding me towards a healthier life style. Also, doing the self-hypnosis you taught me provides a super bonus. I get the same amount of benefit from the one minute relaxation technique as a power nap. Again, thank you."

  Mrs. JL, Naples, FL

"Lynn Thomas is not only pleasant to work with, but she gets great results too! Her thoroughly professional and highly instructional approach to clinical hypnosis makes the experience a joy. Best of all, I lost 34 pounds."

  Mr. MA, Naples, FL

"I would like to thank Lynn so very much for all the help she has given me. When I came to her I felt I lacked motivation and drive. I found it difficult to focus on my business. I found it difficult to attract the right kind of people into my life.

Through Lynn's therapy my motivation returned. I have much more zeal and enthusiasm in producing results in my business. I have also returned to school to complete my MBA.

Her techniques and methodology are very well thought out for optimal results."

  UM, NMD, Cape Coral, FL

"Skeptically, I tried regression therapy with Lynn Thomas. This sounded a little "new age" for a left-brain MBA, however, my level of emotional discomfort with stress and anxiety had brought me to my knees.

After just a few sessions I began to realized I had developed poor coping skills, even as far back as seven, which had been compounding for over forty years. Through Lynn's guidance I was able to emotionally regress back to that early age, clarify and release certain issues and develop healthy coping skills, eliminating the anxiety and stress associated with them.

I feel like a new person and wonder why it took me so long to come to new understandings.

Being able to embrace myself as that loving and lovable seven year old child has empowered me to let go of the past that had haunted me for so long and accept myself and my true self-worth. Her guidance in this healing has been truly magical. As a matter of fact, I affectionately call her "the magician."

  D.C. Newtown, PA

Hypnotherapy has helped me change my relationship with food and wine. With Lynn's guidance and facilitation I have attained and am maintaining my goals and feel I will be able to maintain my "new" lifestyle for the rest of my life.

  C. L.- Bontia Springs, FL
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