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Hypnosis - Weight Loss

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Hypnosis - Weight Loss

There are more Americans overweight that in any other country. Sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise, and fast food are three major culprits. Often there is an emotional component involved, both in being overweight or being extremely underweight, such as people with anorexia or bulimia.

Those who are overweight eat for comfort or reward. Things may not be going well in life and food becomes a comforting agent. Or, they may say to themselves, “I work hard all day. I’m going to reward myself.” Ethnic social factors contribute also. For example, in the Italian culture, food is love.

Those who want to reduce their weight have probably, on the conscious level, tried every diet known. Unfortunately, they often gain back their goal weight and often even more. We call this yo-yo dieting. Actually, I call “diet” a four letter word! In reality, every food you put in your mouth is your “diet.” People who want to reduce their weight (and I’m not knocking any weight loss program) use diet pills, attempt weight loss by suggesting same to the conscious mind directly, rationalize eating patterns, or attempt to use willpower. Willpower is great; it’s the fuel that gets us started. But, it’s not in for the long haul and is short-lived. It is like the space shuttle with the booster rocket as our willpower. It helps the shuttle get started but falls away. If it doesn’t have that internal power (ie. the subconscious) shuttle won’t make it to the space station. We use diets that deprive us, pills, squeeze it in, wrap it up, lose 20 lbs, gain 30…..lose 30 lbs, gain 40 lbs, and so on. The conscious mind will rationalize and analyze something to death.......part of the comfort and reward syndrome. As our habits and emotions are in the subconscious part of our mind, it is natural to go directly to the source and change the old eating patterns, most of which have been in place since childhood.

Many times a traumatic event such as rape or incest triggers the subconscious to hold on to the excess weight so one will be considered “unattractive” and that can never happen to them again. They don’t realize that attractiveness is not the reason they were accosted, but is a power issue of the perpetrator. The feelings of lack of self-worth, guilt and anger of the victim must be dealt with and changed within hypnosis before direct suggestion for permanent eating habit changes can be given and accepted by the subconscious. The subconscious then gets the new suggestions to the conscious mind to progressively make that permanent change.

Humans are the only creatures who have been given the power from birth to alter their lifestyle, simply by altering their way of thinking formed in childhood. Other animals can only act on instinct.

Some interesting statistics:

For every ONE pound a person reduces by allows:

*THREE pounds of pressure off the back

*SIX pounds of pressure off the knees

*NINE pounds of pressure off the ankles

Permanent weight reduction obtained through hypnosis also helps avoid disease (diabetes, heart to name two), gives us more energy and vitality, and generally a better feeling about our appearance.

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